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Blue Letter Bible’s trusted credit card processor, Cutting Edge Bank Card Services, is offering this unique opportunity for organizations to give back to Blue Letter Bible, while simultaneously securing their payment systems, growing their bottom line and optimizing their businesses/non-profits.

What Exactly is Cutting Edge Bank Card Services?

Led by Christ-centered ownership with over 30+ years of experience, Cutting Edge Bank Card Services is one of the most secure payment processors around. They provide the tools necessary to accept credit cards as a form of payment for individuals, businesses, or non-profits, whether online or in person.

How does Cutting Edge keep your organization secure and protected?

Cutting Edge provides organizations with the latest EMV chip-enabled devices, PCI compliance, data encryption and tokenization, 24/7 backend monitoring for malware, and $100K data breach, ultimately protecting one from any fraud or data breach.

How does Cutting Edge grow your bottom line and save you money?

There are variety of means, but to begin, Cutting Edge offers competitive pricing on credit card acceptance. Additionally, via their state-of-the-art Clover systems, Cutting Edge consults with organizations on how to grow your business through an expansive app market.

How does Blue Letter Bible benefit?

By setting up an account or switching your services over to Cutting Edge Bank Card Services, Blue Letter Bible receives 25% of Cutting Edge’s Bank Card Services processing fees from your account. This is residual donations sent monthly to BLB for as long as you process with Cutting Edge.

How do I set up a processing account with Cutting Edge?

Cutting Edge makes it easy to set up an account or switch your services. To find out how, submit some basic information above and an experienced representative will contact you to explain the process. Alternatively, you can contact them and learn more at the following:

Cutting Edge Bank Card Services


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