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 We promise to enhance your business by custom tailoring your needs based on your business. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new ways to overcome fraud while fueling business since 1991. ​We are a proudly family owned and operated business, passionate about business growth through brick & mortar and eCommerce.

Garrett Logan

Founder & CEO

    With 28 years of experience, our founder is a top Merchant Service Provider and ISO. Garrett has led his company in selling over 35,000 merchant accounts, with 10,000 being sold by him personally.

    A master at sales and passionate about teaching eager individuals, Garrett is committed to the success of his affiliates and company. He is also very active with churches/non-profits and has developed a successful program to give back for each of them.

Garrett (2).png

Kelly Bruce-King

VP of Operations

     Kelly came to our company as a team leader with tremendous customer satisfaction skills. Her starting role was customer service,. 18 years later, she is now the VP of operations and the CEO's right hand. Additionally, Kelly is our most senior staff member to date, managing client portfolios with multiple platforms, hardware, and gateways.      She is a wife, a grandma. and a coach. Kelly is a big fan of sports and her favorite team is The Angels, "Go Trout and Ohanti!"

Kelly (2).png

Matthew Logan

Head Accountant & Sales Support

    Growing up around the family business, Matthew started helping out at the young age of 14. He started out just filling paperwork and 9 years later, he is now the head accountant.

     Graduating from The Master’s University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Accounting, Matthew brings a professional understanding of finance and bookkeeping to the corporation. 

Matty (2).png

Kennard Yackytooaanipah

PCI Compliance Support

     Kennard brings a previous experience in inspection from the manufacturing industry to the company. He has taken that attention to detail with clients, and over the past 18 years, applied much of that skill set to PCI compliance and gateway assistance.

Kennard (2).png

Lise-Lotte Logan


    Having 28 years of experience leading a top MSP and ISO, Lisa has developed into a top sales producer and has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. She is committed to give non-stop customer service and has sold over 3,000 merchant accounts personally.

Lise-Lotte (2).png

Austin Logan

VP of Sales

     After graduating high school, Austin started working full-time in sales as an account executive for Cutting Edge. Additionally, he has been quite successful in real estate for the past 14 years, personally selling over 150 homes. From these experiences, Austin has learned valuable people skills and industry knowledge which continues to drive his success. Austin is one of the company’s top producing salesmen

Austin (3).png

Christopher Logan

VP of Production Development

    A graduate of The Master’s University, Christopher acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Christopher has 8 years of experience in the industry and brings unique integrations of technology and business management sense to help develop the company

chris (2).png

Lisa McCune

VP of Client & Agent Relations

     With 30 years in the payments industry, Lisa has spent her career both in customer service, management, and sales. She has multiple awards as a President’s Club member for both Telecheck and First Data. Lisa helps with ongoing merchant support and pricing for perspective merchants. Her focus is on customers and assisting agent’s growth.

Lisa (2).png
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